Top 3 Hair Fall Solutions for Men 2019

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Hair loss is one of the most common issues global; affecting one-third of the populationeveryone loses one hundred hair stands every day. Here i will list some mistakes that you do that is leading to Hair fall and I will also give some Hair fall solutions for Men.

Here are some Mistakes you might be doing on a daily basis which is consistently damaging your hair.

Hair fall solutions for Men 2019

Mistakes that is damaging your hair

– Heat

Heat in any form of heat is bad for your hair. Do not take hot water bath excessively and take less use of hair dryer or a straightening machine.

– Avoid Shampoo which contains sodium laurel sulphate
– Wash hair products before going to sleep

Don’t use too many products on your hair if you use them make sure to get rid of them before sleeping.

– Avoid brushing Wet hair

As wet hair are more prone to breakage , just pat dry your hair. Do not be harsh on them.

– Live stress free

A lot of emotional pressure also can lead to hair loss . Mind is like a battery the greater stressed out you are the quicker it’s going to discharge.

– Keep it Clean

Regular hair washing is part of stopping hair loss by the manner of preserving hair and scalp easy. Doing so, you’re lowering the danger of infections and dandruff which could result in hair breakage or loss. furthermoreeasy hair gives the impact of more volume.

Causes of Hair fall and how to fix it

1.  Poor blood circulation

The vitamins in our frame flow thru blood if the blood circulate in your scalp region is low even if you take a nutritional diet your Hair will fall as the crucial nutrients do no longer reach the scalp region.

So how do we improve the blood circulation

hair fall remedies for men

One way is to massage your scalp for three to four times per week.

What oil you use for massage ?

You have to not use oils with synthetic fragrances that is because the synthetic fragrance that it incorporates is because of the alcohol and alcohol isn’t appropriate to your hair.
So it’s miles higher to apply mustard oil coconut oil or almond oil rub down.

It needs to be done gently if it is vigorously done it can result in breakage. you may rubdown your hair earlier than going to sleep and you may then wash it in the morning

Exercise can help improve blood circulation in your hair

hair fall tips for men

2. Rise in the levels of  DHT

A hormone called dihydro-testosterone is the reason of 90% of the hair loss in men.

Here are some of the DHT blocking foods are –

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3. Bad nutrition

Bad nutrition is the predominant purpose as to why the hair of ladies and men start to thin out at a very early age. If the body is deprived of vitamins for a very long time it could without difficulty afford to loose a few hair.

hair fall solution food

Omega 3

Omega-3  is hair growing supplement. The fatty acids pass in and nourish supporting your hair develop thicker more potent and additionally reduces infection which leads the hair loss. masses of ingredients accessible incorporate omega-3 like

fish, salmon ,tuna ,sweet, fish, walnuts, egg, yogurt etc


Every hair strand is made up of protein so one should definitely have their daily dose of protein foods like-

  • kidney beans ,chickpeas ,lentils ,paneer ,chicken,fish

These are all rich and protein and should be a part of your daily healthy diet.


Vitamin B , Vitamin C and Iron are very important for hair health and it prevent hair loss.

all the green leafy vegetables like spinach, cauliflower are high-quality sources of Iron.

And quality assets of vitamin C available to us is Amla or Indian gooseberry orange, lemon, capsicum etc

So in case you eat a properly-balanced food regimen you may see that you will stop dropping your hair.



In the end, it’s critical to remember that many adults experience extra hair loss as they age.

Repairing the hair fall manner is a longterm ongoing procedure that calls for patience and regular care and attention which will ensure healthful hair.

I am hoping you found these hair fall solutions useful. If you have any question or thought regarding hair loss you can ask us in the comment section.

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