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Upgrading your style is not every man game and there a lot of things you can try that will help upgrading your style but today we are gonna some important basics style upgrades that you can change today instantly and without investing  a lot of money.

I’m going to try to summarize five very easy things you can do to just upgrade your style and look even more better.

1. Fit your Clothes

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Fix your pants, your jeans, your chinos, your trousers take them to the tailor. A simple trim will refresh all your pants, make them look more expensive just because they fit you right.

Keep in mind that most guys buy their pants off the rack, and around 90% of the time pants will never fit you perfectly. And those excessive breaks just makes guys look shorter and stumpier. So take them to the tailor, ask for a light break, get them hem and you’ll have refresh pants that instantly make you look stylish with very less cost.


2  Ditch the sneaker and pick up a Leather shoe

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Now if your whole closet consists of just sneakers its not a good sign.

Leather shoes gives you more style just make sure you have at least one dressier shoe whether it be a boot or a loafer something that’s made out of leather make sure your whole closet doesn’t just consist of sneaker.


2. Watch

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There’s nothing that screams man this man is stylish who is wearing a really nice timepiece on his wrist.

If you’re going to upgrade your style you need a watch and if you’re looking for something stylish go for something that has the minimal design, is very lightweight and looks good with your dress.


3. The Right belt

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Always wear a nice belt. Keep in mind this is what that cuts your body in half.

When people are looking at you that’s a focal point so you want something beautiful and nice and it doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot find yourself a nice looking belt something sleek something that’s not all beat up and that will quickly improve your style.


4. Owning at least one well tailored suit

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Owning at least one really good tailored suit is essential for every guy even if you’re still in college.

No matter where you are in life you’re going to need at least one whether you have an interview you have a funeral you have a wedding you’re going to need at least one really good tailored suit.

Now I personally recommend going with either a gray or a navy suit these are going to be the most versatile they’re going to give you the most bang for your buck they are the most formal and also going to make you look the best.


5, Going from Jeans to Chinos

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I by no means mean you stop wearing Jeans what I mean is you maybe stop wearing them less and implement a dress your alternative something is going to make you look more stylish and that’s where chinos come in

Chinos are just as versatile as jeans and they’re more comfortable and more breathable especially during the summer so there’s really no excuse for not to wear a Chino.

You still get the casualness of it if you want you can pair them on with a t-shirt some sneakers and you look great but you also look ten times more stylish with a really nice well fitted pair of chinos.


Alright guys so that’s it. I hope you liked our list of style upgrades. Thank you for stopping by DanceHippo !

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