#MeToo Is this TRUE or a SCAM ? Stop this Bullshit

Some people are still confused if #MeeToo is real ?

MeToo is real. It’s just as real as the nose on your face.

It is happening, it has happened and it will continue to exist if we the men the modern sane men of the country don’t do anything about it.

In 2017, the hashtag #MeToo exploded across headlines and social media
posts. Many of the first women to speak out were actors from Hollywood.

In Bollywood #MeToo movement initiated by famous Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta created a furor all over and soon women from all professions began to tweet, post and blog about their experiences with sexual assault and harassment.

Now this isn’t the blog to victimize or blame anyone this is rather to help us self reflect on ourselves and improve ourselves to be better humans.


We all have had enough of this MeToo bulshit now it’s about time we shut up and do what’s important okay so let me clear this one thing before we get into talking #MeToo isn’t only for women.

I strongly believe that we as men have also been violated harassed or sexually abused and assaulted at least once in our lifetime it could be that uncle tickling your balls or that watchman filling you up when you were like a newborn.

We sure all have had our own stories but the only thing that differentiates us from the women is that biological built and our psyche.

You say we men are the physical beings especially after a certain point in time we are become very physical, when we are old and man enough to smack someone in the face and break it in two halves if we know what’s the other person intentions.

And most of majority men don’t remember any of our sexual assaults because of this very reason it’s either because it happened at a very young age and we were too young and too dumb and too innocent to remember things  and secondly we are just too stupid and too unaware to know what’s up and what’s happening around us I can pretty much guarantee with this that if you think strong enough you can think of one or two instances where you have been sexually not willingly had been assaulted at least once or twice in your lifetime but that was about us that was about the men because gentlemen things are a whole lot different when it comes to the mighty women

We men (if any) have very limited experiences with assaults or harassment.

I mean it doesn’t happen every minute every hour or every day in our life so it’s not a big deal for us and we don’t really care.

But for women gentlemen well 400 million of them are getting harassed and assaulted right now as you are reading this article. RIGHT NOW ! And this is the plain crazy.

90% of human communications are nonverbal.

90% of your interest and intent are shown and read nonverbal.

So if a woman has to come down to the final resort of telling you ‘NO ‘ then you have to understand, you have to realize the fact that it’s her last resort it’s her only escape

It’s that intense.

I mean I get really pissed when I see this pseudo feminists write about “No meaning and No.”

I mean that the last resort why do men have to be such jerks such assholes for things to even go there at the very first place.

You see the only thing that I think in my humble opinion can help us fix this or help everyone to get rid of this stupid psychology is Men getting to learn more about the women psyche.

I mean in my humble opinion every man must master must learn and must understand the nonverbal communication and every woman must teach this to male friends and male brothers and everyone.

If a girl is not into you she doesn’t need to put a tattoo on her face to tell you that, you and I as human beings and evolution species should get that.

The whole idea of being forced or being assaulted and all that nasty things comes way way later in the picture.

Now some of these smart men have this amazing argument that all women are bitches.

And their explanation to this is ” They  agree to consent and then sue us for fifty million dollars.

Well first of all get your head out of your ass and think do you even know what the are you saying do you even know what are you talking about ? You are talking about criminals causing crime cause doing such things is considered crime. So what you are trying to say in this amazing broad concept is that all  women are criminals.

I mean seriously now that’s what you have resorted yourself too.

It’s like women saying All Men are assholes because they force, they rape, they assault, they kill and they cut out pieces and they put them in a duffel  bag and throw them away which to me is far more believable and true than the other one.

Now agree that 99% of the global men especially Indian men are mentally fucked up, they are always power tripping on this pseudo masculinity and women are very scared from this.

So if we’ve want the minority of manipulative bitches start acting the right way, then we have to start it with us first  gentlemen we have to fix our flaws first.

That’s why we men have to understand the women psyche, understand the nonverbal communication that helps us become better boyfriends, better husbands and better future fathers.

Because if you and I, the same modern men forget to respect, understand and master the nonverbal communication and the female psyche then it too long when we’ll be left alone, sad, lonely all by ourselves now the last I remember we as men are worse in being all by ourselves.

So fix it, fix you and fix the manhood if you can. It’s never too late to start and it’s never too early to try.

Gentlemen I hope you like this blog. Share and support. Thank you for stopping my DanceHippo!

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