6 MENS Dressing Tips Every Guy Should Follow

In order to make your Fashion up to date we have to give special attention to Mens Dressing.  There are certain Mens dressing tips that you should follow to better your style and fashion.
Guys make these mistakes all the time I know that a lot of you guys who are reading this article are getting into fashion and want to make sure that your outfits are on point.
So that’s why today I want to give you guys a few rules and tips that I learned on my own by trial-and-error.
Take these MENS Dressing Tips and think about them when you get dressed in the morning to make sure that you always look your best.

      1. Stick to One Theme

So first of all as a beginner you should start slow, stick to one theme or one style. Don’t go putting all of these trends together just to make it seem like you know what you are doing.

If you’re gonna rock a suit don’t really try to be edgy with the suit you know it’s not really for a beginner so you’re probably gonna get it wrong at first. Don’t try to mix edgy and formal that is totally against Mens dressing Tips. That will come with time so just be patient for now until you get the basics down focus on classic styles first then add your own spices later.

So hold off on the suit and the sneakers trend for a little bit longer but trust me you’ll get there.


     2. Avoid too Many Patterns

Guys if you’re just starting now do not wear too many patterns mostly because it’s hard to pull off and I’m trying to make this as easy as possible in the beginning for you guys.

You’re gonna feel so much more comfortable and confident in your outfit if you know that it works on you.

When you’re just experimenting with too many patterns for example you’re not really sure it looks good you’re just gonna mess someday.

Just add patterns slowly to your routine.

You start slow with not that many patterns don’t go zero to 100 real quick because that’s not gonna work.

The same goes for accessories I see way too many guys doing this they try their first watch and they really like how it feels how it looks so then they buy a bracelet,rings and then the next thing you know they’re wearing everything together at the same time with same outfit that’s not how it works.

I think these accessories are awesome but they do have a time and a place.


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      3. Get the fit right

The third one of Mens Dressing Tips is the most important one and that is ‘Fit its King’.

This is a rule to rule them all the sooner you know this better it will make a huge difference in your fashion sense.

Everything looks bad when it doesn’t fit you properly. I don’t care how much you spent on your clothes if they’re too big they’re not good, if they’re too tight again they’re not good.

Wear the perfect fitting shirt and your style will improve by a hundred times instantly.


       4. Maintenance

While starting to build your wardrobe you want to make sure that you’re taking good care of those pieces.

You don’t want to buy something nice, something that you really like but then two months later it’s all faded it’s got stains on them it doesn’t look good anymore. Means you’re doing something wrong.

Washing your clothes properly is really important.

Always wash all your clothes with cold water for two reasons

  •  it won’t damage clothes as warm water can fade your colors
  •  it saves energy so if you want to be equal friendly this is the way to go plus I always wash my whites separately to make sure that there’s no bleeding in colors I don’t want my white tee to get stained by my blue sweater.


       5. Stick to neutral colors

These are the easiest ones to mix and match. Neutral colors are really hard to mess up your style.

Neutral colors include black, gray, white, Brown and Navy.

These colors are a lot easier to style than red or purple, once you master the neutral colors in your wardrobe then you can get a splash of color here and there to fit your aesthetic.


       6. Dressing well is a skill

The most important rule of them all.

You have to practice it, no one is born stylish with an undercut and a suit so you have to work with your style and improve your clothing style.

Practice and study you have to get better day by day.

You guys are doing well just by reading this article right now you’re researching right you’re on Instagram looking at Mens Clothing saving those pictures to make sure that you can try them later. Well Good job here. Try that outfit.

I think that’s really important keep doing that and in no time if you keep doing what you’re doing you’re gonna be able to style your outfits with full confidence and feel good about everything that you’re wearing.

Hope you guys liked this list of Mens Dressing Tips. Thank you for stopping by Dance Hippo!

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