How to Take Care of Hair Daily | Best Hair Care Routine

How to Take Care of Hair Daily ?

Hair is a important part of our body which not only decides our Overall appearance but also protects the underline skin.

However, Most of us knowingly or unknowingly do things on a daily basis which damage our hair. This leads to excessive Hair loss, dandruff. premature graying of hair and much more. This is where a you should know how to take care of hair daily.

Through this blog I wish to tap the root causes of all hair problems and comprehensively share with you what you should do and what not to do to get those long luscious thick hair.

Today I’m going to share with you the best Hair care routine that will change your hair from dull and dry to smooth, soft and healthy hair.

Keep in mind this will  also help you grow your hair faster so if that’s the look you’re going for follow these 10 tips and you’ll be one step closer to your goal.


1. Don’t shampoo your hair every day

You can wash your hair every single day if you need to but that doesn’t mean you should always shampoo. So I suggest shampoo only when you need to because it can be really harsh on your hair and scalp and it strips away all the natural oils that you need for healthy hair growth.

I wash my hair four or five times a week but I only shampoo twice maybe three times a week every other time I just use water and conditioner trust me try that and your hair is going to feel so much healthier especially if you tend to have dry scalp.

Also, Check if your shampoo is sulfate free. Always go for shampoo which are free from sulphates.


2. Massage your Hair with Oil

You’ve got oil your hair at least two or three times every week because oiling your hair nourishes it.

Pro tip – Heat up your oil before applying it on your scalp

So that hot oil opens up the pores of the skin on your scalp and then the oil can seep into the scalp, which helps in nourishing your scalp as well as your hair.

It prevents bacterial as well as fungal infections in the long term. It also helps strengthen your hair and make your hair thick for as long as possible.

Properly massage your scalp in circular motion. This will increase the blood circulation towards your scalp and whenever the blood circulation increases in a particular region it improves the recovery of that region so all those dead skin cells get activated and help in formation of new skin cells.


3. Don’t use comb with Wet hair

After you get out of the shower don’t be aggressive on the towel drying. Just pat dry your hair or you’re going to end up losing a lot of hair because hair is extremely fragile and prone to breakage when it’s wet and for that same reason try not to brush your hair when it’s wet.

I would rather suggest you to use a wide tooth comb and that will do the job.


4. Don’t go to bed when your hair is still wet

Because we end up moving a lot at night and rubbing our heads against the pillow and that could also cause breakage.

If you do want to minimize the damage I suggest getting a silk pillowcase as it’s lot softer and it won’t pull as much when you’re moving from side to side trying to find the best position to sleep in.


5. Excessive heat

Excessive heat in any form is damaging your hair. Do not blow dry your hair on daily basis.

Also Avoid hot showers

Beware of heat styling tools and the reason I say that is because high temperature actually weakens the fibers of your hair resulting in more hair loss.


6. Trimming your hair

Regardless of what you do, your hair is going to take a lot of damage just from your day to day routine.

Remember to get a trim every few weeks. It gets rid of any damaged broken or split ends which you don’t want on your hair.


7. Avoid dying or bleaching your hair

Yes and I say that because it contains chemicals like ammonia that can really damage your hair or even dry your scalp.

I’ve only dyed my hair once but I was so skeptical of what is needed to make sure my hair was healthy.

So if you’re going to do it you can do it just be careful and follow all of these tips.


8. Be careful with sun damage

You know when you go out and you stay under the Sun for a very long time and then your head gets really hot. This is not good for your scalp.

So if you can try to stay under the shade for a little while or if you know you’re going to be out for a long time or if you can’t find any shade just at least wear a hat to protect your hair and your scalp.


9. Find a good hair mask

This is something you should start doing and trust me your hair will feel a lot better. There’s a bunch of different masks you can try.

My personal favorite is Coconut oil masks.

Coconut oil masks which I do once a week because I tend to have really dry scalp and this really helps.

Just put it on your hair and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes and then you can wash it off.


10. Let your Hair breathe

This is the easiest one of all, you should let your hair breathe once in a while don’t do anything to it, no clay no gel no pomade that way your hair can breathe and you can relax.

Remember that stress is actually not good for your hair, so you don’t want to get stressed out and lose all of it.


Repairing the hair fall process is a long-term ongoing process that requires patience, regular care and attention in order to ensure healthy hair.

I hope you found this points of ‘How to Take Care of Hair Daily’ helpful. If you have any query you can ask us in the comment section. Cheers !




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