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How to look handsome ?

Are you looking advice on how to look handsome? Trying to improve your personal appearance?

Then this is the blog for you. Here I’ll be giving you my top seven easy points when it comes to basic male grooming for the everyday guy.

No fancy products involved just everyday things in order to look handsome.

But more importantly a lot of guys think that looking handsome is just about your looks what you’re born with but looking handsome only boils down to how neat and tidy you look if you want to impress ladies and if you want to look attractive to the average Indian woman it’s all about looking slim looking like you’ve had a bath.

So let’s get started with point number one.

#1 Haircut

The most important point is haircut. Hair is key to personal appearance. As it affects your face structure and how scruffy you look especially if you’ve got hair which is a little bit rough which a lot of Indian guys have, though it’s not a great idea to grow out your hair unless you’ve got silky smooth hair.

But if you want to look neat and classy go for the golden haircut that’s a slightly long top and a slightly short side think of most good-looking athletes like Virat Kohli or Cristiano Ronaldo. They all follow this protocols with different ratios.

how to look handsomehow to look handsome

You Just have to look neat and tidy. Remember women associate cleanliness with looking good.

#2 Grow a Beard

Something I’ve discovered if you have a face that’s extremely good-looking naturally then you usually look better without a beard so people can see it. But if you have a face that’s average then you usually look better with a beard because what it does is help to hide the imperfections you may have on your face.

People find symmetrical faces attractive but most faces aren’t symmetrical. When you have a beard it usually covers half your face which means half of that asymmetry is now hidden so you look twice as symmetrical as you did before also it serves to hide your fucked up jawline or your acne or anything else you might not like about your face.

how to look handsome

#3 Confident

I’m sure you already know girls like confidence, they don’t want to be around someone who’s insecure and desperate.

And if that’s you then i suggest you go through our another blog which is a complete guide about how to be confident and it had some Amazing tips you can immediately use to start boosting your confidence right off the bat. Check that blog here.

how to look handsome

#4 Basic face cleanliness

How do you go from being looking sleepy to looking slightly more fresh?

Your first wash is a basic face wash so you just rub it between your hands and then you proceed to spread it all over your face and all over your neck. Advantages of using a basic mild face wash-

  • It helps in getting rid of all the oil if oil accumulates on your skin that’s what increases the total amount of pimples on your handsome face.

Remember if you’re a young guy if you’re in your teens or if you’re in your early 20s and especially if you’re someone goes to the gym you’re more prone to acne so we’re just washing your face twice a day

# in the morning right after you wake up

# at night 1 or 2 hours before bedtime

This can do a huge deal for preventing and minimizing your acne.

how to look handsome

#5 Take care of your Eyes

Use an eye cream twice a day morning and night to ensure that the skin around your eyes is staying elastic lush and looking good you also want to make sure that you get enough of sleep.

Getting enough slumber is critical to you looking good looking fresh and looking youthful and young for years to come.

When we’re sleeping our body is repairing itself and this is also the time when collagen production is pumped up which flows to your skin, circulation is elevated and the puffiness around your eyes actually goes away.

In short the result you get after enough sleep will be amazing.

how to look handsome

#6 Smile

Use your most powerful communication tool and that is a simple smile guys.

There is nothing that makes you look more amazingly handsome than when you actually smile like a gentlemen.

Remember :

You don’t want to smile and show your dirty yellow teeth.

Take Care of this SERIOUSLY.

I don’t care if you use a natural teeth whitening solution like coconut oil pooling or you go with a faster more effective but less natural approach like a teeth whitening gel.

But keep in mind your teeth should look Clean and nice.

how to look handsome

#7 Take care of your lips

Dry crack lips are not the way to go. My secret to kissably soft lips all the time is actually Vaseline. You can use any other methods just prevent your lips from looking dry or dark.

If your goal is to look more handsome, it’s not going tobe easy as it require focus on a number of different life aspects.


These 7 simple tips if you implement them you’re gonna be even more handsome than you already are right now exactly. As well as this will do a lot to boost your self-esteem and amplify your handsomeness.

If you are looking for more grooming tips, check out our other blogs here.

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