How to Get Fair Skin for Dark Men 2018

How do you get fair skin?

Fair skin is a desire that most of the Indian men wish. The secret behind fairness is a lot of us specially young dudes want to become fair but to achieve fair skin you should be regular with some essential practices else the effects will not be long lasting. But the question is can you get Fair skin ?

In today’s blog I’m giving you some fashion and fairness tips for the slightly darker bro for the Indian skin tone.

But before we get to the actual tips and tricks we’ve got to talk about imperialism.

Unfortunately for us we’ve grown up in an age with stupid fair and lovely ads where they tell you things like well you need to be fair to get a better job ,you’ll never find love.

Moreover all of us have grown up watching those ads and even our parents have grown up watching those and are influenced by imperialism.

Your skin color is genetic and remember you shouldn’t try to change it but instead you should try making it the best version of itself.

Keeping that in mind I’m gonna give you my top 5 tips starting with tip number one.

1. Do not chase and use skin whitening creams.

They harm your face in the long term, they contain hydroquinone Mercury carcinogen steroids and countless other harmful substances that’ll spoil the quality of your skin.

So how do you really achieve that glow without a skin whitening cream ?

I have divided this in two categories. Here are the solutions.

if you have dry skin

  • Use a moisturizer

Get Fair Skin for Dark Men

If you’ve got dry skin then every time you wash your face after you’ve completely washed off all the soap dry your face with a towel and then go on to apply a mild moisturizer.

A moisturizer will be your best friend if you’ve got dry skin that ends up flaking off or if you’ve got really dry lips just end up applying a moisturizer or you can even apply something like Vaseline that’s petroleum jelly that’s what will help you get glowing healthy skin the long-term


if you’ve got oily skin

  • Use a mixture of Multani mitti ,turmeric and lemon

Get Fair Skin for Dark MenGet Fair Skin for Dark Men

If you’re someone who deals with oily skin, I’ve got a home remedy for you this is called Multani mitti or Fuller’s earth and you can get it at any Indian grocery store.

Buy a block of Fuller’s earth, chip off a bit of it and then pound it into a powder mix about half a teaspoon of turmeric or haldi into it and squeeze a little bit of lemon and create a slight pace or of this mixture if it’s not wet enough add a few drops of water and get that nice smooth consistency apply a thin layer of this mixture onto your face let it dry off do not keep it on your face for longer than twenty minutes and then wash it off with clean water.

This way the tumeric ends up cleaning up your face it’s an antiseptic. The lemon kind of helps increase the glow of your face and most importantly because you’ve got oily skin the Fuller’s earth kind of just sucks out all the oil from your face.

Using this mixture you’ll actually see a chain in your face within a month.

Do not use this mixture more than once or twice a week


2. Exfoliation

We’re talking about exfoliation use a face scrub that’s basically your face wash with these little hard particles.

Now when you apply a face scrub you’ve got a massage your face in a circular direction. Massage yourself firmly don’t press too hard but just go on circular motions and press it hard enough to feel a slight pressure so the blood circulation to your face increases.When your blood circulation to your face increases it promotes skin growth. This method works fantastic to give you glowing skin.

Some recommendations :

Sugar and honey facial scrub

Milk and lemon face scrub (ideal for oily skin)

but don’t use this method if you’re very acne prone


3. Aloe vera

Get Fair Skin for Dark Men

Aloe vera is also considered as one of the best remedies to get rid of sun tanning and improvise the skin texture.

Most importantly, aloe vera helps to heal the minor cuts and injurious on the men’s face that happens while shaving. Just applying pure aloe vera gel is one of the effortless ways to lighten and whiten the skin.


4. Diet

Get Fair Skin for Dark Men diet

If you want clear glowing skin the biggest hack in the book is you focus on your diet.

You’ve got to focus on your vegetable and fiber intake but don’t try focusing too much on fruits ,include a little bit of it but primarily focus on vegetables which are much more nutritionally dense. As a result the same amount of food you will be getting a lot more vitamins and minerals quicker.

Adding different colors to your vegetables (different kind of vegetables) is a quick solution getting healthy skin.


5. Water

Get Fair Skin for Dark Men

Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated as the skin is the first place dehydration becomes visible.

Aim just to make your urine clear for most of the day ,the urine slightly yellow go and drink some more water.

Water will be providing your skin with the essential moisture needed to look healthy and happy this winter. In fact, if you have cane and pimples then drinking sufficient water will help you to get rid of pimples.



Just focus on healthy and clean skin! That’s what makes people look good .

Stay happy and wear a smile! Listen to others and understand them. You will be most attractive when you have a good heart, health & hygiene!

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