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Today’s blog is about the best grooming tips for guys because you can’t look perfect without being well groomed. You can be wearing the best outfit but if your hair is all messy and your eyes are puffy then you’ll not feel as confident as you should be.

Today I’m gonna give you the best grooming tips every guy should consider to look their best without putting any extra effort.

These grooming tips will make a huge difference in the way you feel the way people notice you and even the way people treat you because you will look like a guy who knows exactly how to take care of himself.

Lets get started.


1. Never leave the house without smelling good.

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Clearly you have to be the guy that does at least shower.

But remember you’re competing with a huge pool of guys out there so you need to go a little bit above and beyond to stand out and get noticed by that girl. So one of the most important tips I can give you guys is to always wear a nice fragrance before you step out.

It’s one of the easiest compliments guys receive.


2. Always keep your Hair Set and Beard trimmed

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Going to the barber shop regularly or doing it all by yourself but always try to keep up the fresh haircut and beard trimmed. And you want to make sure you clear hair out your neck and nape area.

3. Invest in skin care products

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Don’t be that guy that it’s too macho and too insecure to actually invest in skincare products and use them.

This is important for your grooming routine because not only will it keep you looking young but also she’s gonna be super attracted to your smooth face when she’s caressing you.

I can tell you with 100% certainty no girl wants to touch a dry face

And here is a pro tip-

if you want to multiply the effects of your skin care product you want to warm up your skin so it opens up the pores and absorbs whatever moisturizer you’re using.


4. Trim your nails

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Keep your nails short and clean. And also go through your toenails – especially in the summertime when you’re wearing sandals going with slippers then just try to keep it short.

Now for your hands you have to do it as often as possible because people will notice it they’ll see it and you can’t escape that.


5. Watch out for nose and ear hair

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You don’t want that. Period.

There’s only one thing you have to do here. Get rid of it.

There’s no situation or occasion where it’s cool to have nose hair or ear hair so grab some clippers or scissors and remove anything you see.

One of the Best Grooming Tips For Guys.


6. Wash your face and exfoliate

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Washing your face should be added to your daily routine I do it twice a day morning and night and it just keeps me from getting pimples or spots on my face.

Exfoliating- it’s something you can do every three to four days because it’s a little bit harsher on your skin so just scrub your face very lightly not to damage your skin and then wash it off to review brand new skin cells.

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7. Don’t forget to moisturize after you wash

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It’s always a good idea to apply some moisturizer especially after you had a bath. If you live somewhere where it’s really dry and if you do have a beard just try to get it in there as close as possible to your skin and it’s going to make your skin softer brighter and healthier.


8. Wash your hair less often

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Guys if you want healthier hair don’t shampoo it every single day. It dries out your scalp and it strips away all the natural oils that you have in your hand you can wash it with water if you want even conditioner but just don’t use shampoo every single day you can shampoo twice maybe three times a week and that’s it.

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9. Replace your toothbrushes at least every three months

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Again we’re talking about the bare minimum and this yime its Brushing your teeth. This one thing that can instantly kill how good you look is bad breath and while you already know you’ve been told that since you were 5 you need to brush your teeth every day.

But you should change your toothbrushes every three months and this is because these toothbrushes loose their bridge after a time and will start Wittering and becoming very soft which ends up basically just gliding over your teeth and reducing effectiveness.¬†Now you’re no longer removing the dirt or the food or the plaque that sit on your teeth and then bacteria starts building up and you develop that bad breath.



10. Make sure you use the right hair products for your hair type

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Your hair undoubtedly the most important aspect of your physical appearance because it’s one of the first things people see and notice in you.

And so many guys don’t know what hair product to use with their hair type so you end up either with flat hair or hair that looks messy because the product didn’t work for you or didn’t hold properly.

There are wide variety of hair product in the market. You have to try some of these products and see what goes best for you.

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