Best Deodorants for Mens in India | Best Deo for Man 2019

Before jumping toward the list of Best Deodorants for Mens in India lets discuss if you are facing these problem in your day to day life.

Body odour is a real issue because it’s one of the things that we as men are most scared of. However, it is not one of those issues that cannot be dealt with.

Are you a guy who

  • sweat more than most guys
  • you’re always warm and
  • your body tries to correct itself by sweating

These leads to just embarrassing moments right?

You’re at the bar trying to talk to a girl and you’re sweating or especially in a professional setting like you’re at a job interview and you’re sweating that’s really embarrassing so that means you gotta take some important decisions here to combat body odour.

In this hot and humid weather most of us suffer from body smell throughout the year. The simplest solution is just using a deodorant or perfume spray. Just spray it on after your morning shower or before going out, and you should be set for the rest of the day.

But before you purchase a deodorant for yourself, there are some factors that you should be keeping in mind. Especially if you’re on a budget?

I’ve tried dozens of different deodorants and I wanted to tell you my favorites I made a list of the top six best deodorants for a man.

The 6 Best Deodorants for Mens in India That Will Help You Get rid of your Body Odour !

1. Kama Sutra Deodorant for Men, Dare, 150ml

Best Deodorants for Mens in India

Kamasutra deodorant are all grown up deo they smell very sexual and mature . This is what makes it stand out of all other deo. If you enter a room with this smell people will notice you . Its a eye catcher.

This is a strong and powerful deo. If you’re a masculine men with a really a grown up physique and want to come up more sexual and mature. Definitely Try this.

You can get this under ₹150

👍 This anti perspirant deodorant does a better job in tackling sweat odour than normal deodorants. I used it for two physical activities (Jogging and gym) & it masks the odour of sweat for about an hour which is reasonable for this price range.

👎 Personally I did not like the fragrance as much and won’t use it for casual home or office use.


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2. Nike Up Or Down Men Deo for Men, 200ml

Nike-Up-Or-Down-Men- DeoBest Deodorants for Mens in India

Moving next to this list of Best Deodorants for Mens in India we have Nike.

👍 Has a mild fragrance which can be best described as a mixture of fruity and flowery aroma. It’s a very rich fragrance and to a stranger it will seem to be an expensive perfume.

👍 Mild and not at all overpowering fragrance. Many brands in this price range have such an overpowering fragrance that one can’t smell anything else after applying it. This is a pro for me but can be a con for those who prefer strong smells.

👍It’s moderate when coming to lasting effect. Will give a couple of hours under standard conditions.


👎Not at all for gym purposes. Cannot mask the odour of sweat. The fragrance will be non existent by the time you finish your workout.


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3. Park Avenue Signature Voyage Deodorant for Men, 140ml

Best Deodorants for Mens in India

Its a deodorant that very quickly fades away though its smell is heavy in nature.Bit musky, cinnamon and fresh, perfect for men. A hint of musky and woody notes will evoke the inner explorer in you. The fragrance is quite irresistible.

👍If you’re looking for a Deodorant for physical activities then this will do the job.

👎If you are a person who likes pleasant and light deodorant smell, then don’t go for this.


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4. Wild Stone Code Titanium Deo, 120ml

Best Deodorants for Mens in India

This deodorant has a smooth and musk fragrance. Its manly and trust me you can wear this perfume to your office, parties, dates, marriages etc.

It is quite lasting as well, unlike other perfumes. Its worth a try,

If you are looking for a deodorant all rounder this one is highly recommended! It lasts for 5-6 hours.

People who sweat a lot should give this a try.


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5. Fogg Marco Body Spray for Men, 150ml

Fogg deo for men in india

First of this is not a deodorant its a perfume body spray. Its really a sweet smelling spray.

Its very candy flavor and can be used by both men and women as it is not that strong . Its a high personality perfumes especially for college going students.

A very good option for those who like mild fragrance. It has a average lasting effect.


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6. AXE Dark Temptation Deodorant, 150ml

axe Fogg deo for men in india

Axe makes lot of flavours for their brand . And out of all their flavour this one is my favourite because it got a lot of personality. It smells like chocolate its got a very thick smell.

#thick smell means they are dark powerful and strong like Nivea has a thin smell means soft

And thick smell deodorants can be used at Nights like If you are going for a night time party or any dinner date this one should be your priority

This will help you to smell more elegant and sexy. You’ll smell like a walking chocolate bar.


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Hope you liked our list of Best Deodorants for Mens in India. Thank you for stopping by Dance Hippo.


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