70s Bollywood Fashion Statements That Did A Comeback In 2018

Nothing is cooler and more attractive than a big comeback this quote by Steven Adler has proven really true in the context of fashion. 70s Bollywood fashion did a comeback and has been accepted by our celebrities and commoners as well. I personally believe nothing is out of trend until you believe to carry it with confidence. Here are the few 70s comeback looks in which these Bollywood ladies have immersed themselves so confidentially and owing it that we are forced to forget the history of these looks.

1. Floral Print Saree.

Deepika who is killing the every event now days with her glamour has become an ispiration for girls to go with traditional saree look.Deepika is carrying this floral saree and giving it some essence of 70s with her grace.Not even Deepika even Kanagana Ranaut,Shraddha Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Kajol and many other bollywood beauties has been seen in this 70s look.

70s Bollywood Fashion

2. Bell Bottoms.

The bell-bottom look that you might remember from the Amitabh Bacchan’s Don look are now back in trend, and this time they are back with few inventions.Where some of our bollywood celebs are keeping them casual by pairing their ribbed bell-bottoms with denim shirts, crop top and high necks for their daily looks.While few of them are keeping it secure for the special occasions like Cannes and others.

70s Bollywood Fashion

3. Polka Dots.

I guess we all are fan of polka dots in one or another way.Black & White Polka Dots that ruled the 70s fashion waves are again back with its stream in 2018.They are versatile that they can be carried for different occasions.Be it parties, office, beaches or even for a romantic date along with some accessories.Singer Neha Kakkars, picture proves that our entertainment industry is very much effected by this 70s trend.

70s Bollywood Fashion Statements

4. Two Braid Over Saree.

Bollywood Queen Kangana Ranaut the queen of confidence has carried this Pink Saree for her airport look along with two braids.This look of her explains why she is been called Queen as she have the courage like a queen of experimenting with her looks.

70s Bollywood Fashion Statements

5. Bell Sleeves.

Bell Sleeves that has been a part of 70s are now back with the backpack full of experiments.Bollywood leading beauties can be spotted daily.Some are pairing it with saree as blouse while some are doing it formal looks.70s Bell Sleeves moments are recreated by our bollywood divas, from Sunakshi Sinha’s XL bell sleeves formal shirt to Shilpa Shetty’s bell sleeves blouse are giving fashion goals to our wardrobes.

70s Bollywood Fashion

Here, we have an advice that its better to store old stuff in your wardrobe, cause fashion is not going to buried it may go for vacations but it will come back after few decades and then regret will be the only option and better to don’t opt that.

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