Look, we were all there at one point. None of us is perfect.We all have different style sense and we all make mistakes. But sure we have to learn the ways and develop our fashion sense.

The good news is, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a stylish guy. The first step is admitting you have a problem or some loophole in your fashion sense. Once you are aware of your style mistakes, you’re ready to enter rehab treatment which begins here.

Here are those most common mistakes men make which are Killing their style without you even realizing

Let’s take a look at these fashion mistakes that are killing your style.


#1 Buying ill-fitting clothes

This is probably one of the biggest style killers in the game you can buy the nicest, the coolest or the most expensive piece of clothing but if it doesn’t fit you properly it’s just not gonna look good.

style mistakes men

  • Baggy jeans are probably the number one issue here even if they’re too baggy they’re gonna make you look short they’re actually gonna add a few pounds to your look it’s just not the way to go.

I probably say that most of the jeans that you buy need to be tailored sometimes you may think they fit you but when it comes to perfect fit, tailored look is always the way to go so why not spend few more bucks to make your jeans fit you properly.

  • Same goes for suits alright a lot of guys are stuck in the age of wearing power suits that have those really big broad shoulders that doesn’t show power anymore. It actually say sloppy and old.

Nowadays you want your suits to be tailored from top to bottom with a modern slim look to it even if you’re a bigger guy.


#2 Bad grooming

We’ve talked about this before this cannot happen and I don’t even care if you have the nicest suit on okay if you have hair going so far off your cheek that it’s actually blocking your field of vision you’re doing it wrong.

style mistakes men

And i am not saying that you need to be clean-shaven all the time because frankly I think that can get kind of boring . Feel free to experiment and try new things out just make sure that you don’t look like you haven’t showered in a while.

Get a nice fresh haircut every few weeks that completely changes the way you look and then trim your beard if you have one and make sure that you don’t have a uni brow.

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#3 V-neck T-shirts

style mistakes men

I’ve seen so many guys do this and it kind of hurts and I am talking about the really deep v-necks alright the ones that you can almost see your entire chest from. That’s how deep they are, nobody wants to see that and I don’t know who started that trend or who revived it.

I think there’s a few ways to pull off v-necks I wear them sometimes but just be careful with how much skin you’re showing up there.

Remember that classy is always better.

Just be careful with how you’re wearing them and which one you buy you know make sure that you’re not showing your whole chest. Be classy and it’s gonna work out so much better in your favor


#5 Wearing your hat backwards

style mistakes men

I’m gonna have to bring this one up guys and I’m sorry if I offend anyone because I think this one is a very popular style killer if you’re wearing your hat backwards then you’re probably killing your style.

You only have to use that in cases like if you are working out or hiking then it’s fine but I see guys running them to go out to dinner, on dates, to work, to go to bars. You can’t do that there’s a time and a place.

It’s been proven over and over that girls love our hair whether it’s long or short.

So just show it off and I think the most important thing here is to know that the backwards hat should not be your everyday look this should be a once in a while kind of thing.


#6 Don’t copy

This is really interesting because I recently noticed this I actually used to do this back in the day and I think you guys do without even realizing it.

When you’re hanging out with the same people over and over again you actually start dressing like them you look at your friends and you say hey I like that shirt that this friend is wearing I’m gonna buy something similar and then you know three months later all you guys look exactly the same you’re wearing exactly the same style.

Don’t do that. Try to be different.

style mistakes men

Try to be different within your group of friends it’s funny that you start buying the same brands as your friends just because they liked it or it looked good on them.

But it doesn’t mean that that shirt is gonna look good on you too.

So my advice would be take a look at your closet next time you’re dressing up and think am I gonna wear this because I want to look like so-and-so or because this person has it and it looks good on them or am i wearing this because I truly enjoy the way I look.

And trust me it’s gonna be so much better because now instead of blending in like everybody else which is kind of boring you’re gonna stand out.


#7 Bad posture

This is a mistake that I see so many guys doing. They stay loose just like slouched over the shoulders.

If you stick your chest out and roll your  shoulders back you know make sure that your chin is up and high, it just looks like you’re a more confident person like you’re ready to get it, you’re more outgoing so just remember to stand tall.

Keep your shoulders back and your chest out but you don’t want to walk around like a robot.

Plus not only does it look better but it’s also better for your spine.

style mistakes men

But the good thing here is that it’s such an easy thing to fix, guys just put a little bit of effort into these and you will be the best version of yourselves.

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