Best HACKS to make any Girl Crush on You

Today we’re showing you 8 little-known tricks to quickly get any girl crush on you.

It’s an age-old problem that a guy likes girl but she really doesn’t like him back and not only that but there just doesn’t seem to be anything that could ever get her to change her mind.

But don’t worry because today  I’m gonna give you eight easy crush hacks hacks that you can do that don’t take a lot of effort that can get your crush to instantly notice you and like you.

first hack you can do is to

1.  Take Good Photographs of yours

crush on you

You have to put good photographs of yours on social media to get your crush or any other girl to notice you if you want to get their interest you want to look as attractive as possible in your pictures.

From my experience a picture with a good direct sunlight can make any guy look sexy as it brightens up your face it gives you this natural beautiful glow and it makes your teeth look wider and white so in essence you’re gonna be giving off this handsome glow she’s gonna be staring at your pictures.


2. Make her compete with your schedule

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We have stated it before if you need your crush to move from being your crush to a lady who wants you, you have got to show her you’re in demand but what plenty of men generally tend to neglect is that being in demand isn’t pretty much being chased by women.

It is also about staying busy and putting a premium to your time so if you cannot get your crush to compete with different ladies for your attention all you have got to do is make her compete with your highly restricted highcost time.


3. Keep your head up

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It’s something that all of us understand if you want to get the girl you’ve got to have the confidence which sounds easy enough but a lot of fellows don’t realize that and they’re subconsciously showing insecurity and self-doubt.

But don’t worry because there’s an easy and efficient way to immediately project confidence that’s scientifically proven to get attention and all you have to do to start is to keep your head held high.


4.  Hygienic detailing

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Every guy knows the basics like don’t stink, wash your hair, change your socks but when it comes to hygiene that will really make a difference with the girl you like.

If you want to show that you’re truly a clean guy and not just a normal fellow who bathe like everybody else, focus on these areas –

  • white teeth
  • fresh breath
  • clean ears
  • trimmed fingernails


5. Cheerleader effect

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You see people find you more attractive when you’re surrounded by other people following along to last if you can post pictures with your friends out having a good time with other people on your feet that way it’s not just selfies of you then when she sees you instantly she’s gonna find you more attractive because you’re just gonna look like this popular and cool fun guy that she’s gonna love to be around.


5. Show off your gains

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If you have a lean body or a good physique wear clothing that shows this off. If you’ve been working lately at the gym go for well fitted T-shirts or Shirts. This way you look more attractive.

You can also wear a watch or a bracelet to make your forearms look bigger to make your arms look more vascular when your arms have something that’s tight around the wrist it tends to make your veins pop making you look more muscular.


6. Complement them

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Now out of all six this one’s going to take some balls but just grow them and give your crush a compliment. This is the easiest way to make them feel good about themselves and associate that good feeling with the person that gave them a compliment which is you.

But I want to make it easier on you you see there’s two types of compliments

  •  compliments you make out of people’s choice

This is something that a person actively chose to do such as the style they chose, the shoes they chose, the hairstyle they had then.

  • compliments you make on a person’s aspects that they really have no control about

This is something that a person has no control about like their eyes or their height or their body shape or how attractive they are .

From personal experience the first type of compliment tends to be more genuine more memorable and from the receiver side they tend to appreciate better because the second type they have no control over

It’s much easier to say wow I like your shoes then man you’re super hot.


7. Always be in the front

Sit on the front row people in schools, offices, public assemblies. People across the world always rush to the back seats to sit there because they feel insecure and feel safer on the back well that fear of being noticed instantly reflects on your lack of confidence.

Break the norm ,sit on the first row of your classroom of your office of that public assembly and show your extreme competence.

This will do two things you’re gonna work on that fear and overcome it and also your crush is gonna notice you’ll be like damn the guy has rebel.


8. A white smile

crush on you

A white smile is super attractive to your crush and like I’ve talked about in many videos it shows a good personal hiking when somebody has a white smile it shows that person that you take care of yourself you’re healthy you have good hygiene.


Hope you like our Tips of How to make any girl Crush on you. Thank you for stopping by DanceHippo !


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    Whenever you need to make any sacrifice for her, you feel comfortable in it. Even it makes you happy.


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